pelican road

a week or so ago i was doing a    “cross check”  between writers of southern literary fiction and  whom they work with as agents … came across a  mention of Howard Bahr … Pelican Road.

mr. bahr is from meridan, mississippi … teaches  in the creative writing department at Belhaven College,  Jackson, MS. … the  story covers a trip on the Pelican Road … southern railroad tracks from meridan to new orleans on christmas eve  1940.

it is a ‘man’s book’ … but for writers and readers of southern literary fiction it is the best example   ( except for The Help )   of good southern fiction i have come across in the past decade. … a damn fine read.  

Tom Honea          asheville, nc            magnolia, ms


About Tom Honea

the south mississippi i grew up in did not yet have paved roads or telephones or televisions. it did have great story tellers, on front porches in the summer or around the fire place in the winter. we were poverty stricken, financially but not culturally. we didn't know it. everybody up and down the road was in the same boat. . after forty years of day jobs i am approaching my "fishing years." i plan to spend them writing. i have a finished and edited deep south novel in the "marketing" stages. currently i'm deep into a WW II home front piece set in the Hampton Roads, VA area. notes and character sketches are already underway for "From Hiroshima to Elvis" ( the ten years after the war ) on the coastal areas of South Carolina. . visit asheville ... come and see me.
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One Response to pelican road

  1. Maribeth says:

    And Papaw Enos coming down every morning to watch over eleven year, eleven month old Tommy, sitting on a bucket and not lifting his one hand to help. It’s interesting, from a writer’s perspective, to consider how that year informed my father’s character.

    Your #2 Kid

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