Fall Mornings

Wilson Road ... October colors: a fine place to run.

my morning runs are going as well, or better, than i would have thought back in may and early june. i’m thinking that  i’ll run Belle Chere next summer. haven’t run a road race in some ten years or so now, but (don’t tell anybody ! )  i’ll be in a new age bracket by then and may even go home with a ribbon.  a couple of weeks ago i asked dave what he thought it would take to do well: “twenty-five minutes,” he said. and then: “but, daddy, you may the only one in that age group!”   

there are a couple of school busses that are pick up kids on wilson road before good daylight gets there, and with the curves that we both have to negotiate i have a strong need to not have them making that corner without knowing i am there!  … the little dogs ( three australian terriers ) nearly always go with me and are content sitting in the truck and keeping an eye on things while i run: mr. ramsey feeding his cows, the in-frequent other walkers and runners, the local folk headed off to work. 

what with the days getting shorter it is six forty-five or so before i can put a foot on the pavement. this morning the full moon was still sky in the west and the sun was just starting to back light the fog and whispy clouds  above the ridge line to the east. before the end of the first lap the geese were coming in to feed in the recently combined corn fields.  there was just enough ‘cool’ in the air to keep the sweat under control.  just think, in another three weeks i’ll be needing long sleeves .. and them sweat pants!

i used to say that in my next life i was gonna live is texas and be a guitar picker.  now:  i think i’ll just come back to sugar hollow road, fairview, north carolina.  … life is good!




About Tom Honea

the south mississippi i grew up in did not yet have paved roads or telephones or televisions. it did have great story tellers, on front porches in the summer or around the fire place in the winter. we were poverty stricken, financially but not culturally. we didn't know it. everybody up and down the road was in the same boat. . after forty years of day jobs i am approaching my "fishing years." i plan to spend them writing. i have a finished and edited deep south novel in the "marketing" stages. currently i'm deep into a WW II home front piece set in the Hampton Roads, VA area. notes and character sketches are already underway for "From Hiroshima to Elvis" ( the ten years after the war ) on the coastal areas of South Carolina. . visit asheville ... come and see me.
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7 Responses to Fall Mornings

  1. Lynne Bryant says:

    What gorgeous scenery! How can you not be inspired to run or write when you’re surrounded with that!

  2. amarkonmywall says:

    It’s true-Fairview, Sugar Hollow in particular, is like a little bit of paradise with expansive views. It’s hard not to be inspired to all manner of creativity; it’s hard also not to just sit down and take in the view. Rich needs an invite to go run the Wilson Rd route. I may ask Ginny, at the risk of great embarrassment, if I can join her some morning. And say! I love your blog and your writing. The tale below had me smiling and laughing all the way through. I think writing in dialects is one of the most difficult things to do in writing and you held me, spot on, without a hitch. Reads seamlessly, a wonderfully spun yarn.

    • Tom Honea says:

      thanks !!
      would be happy to have Rich go along for a run. my normal pattern is tuesday & thrusday at 6:45 or so and saturday & sunday anywhere between 7: 30 to 8:30
      we are looking forward to friday evening … meeting Rich

  3. erikamarks says:

    Tom–A wonderful blog–My husband and I were just remarking on how the trees are still so rich a color in our part of North Carolina–seems like last fall there was so much rain, I don’t recall the palette being so beautiful or long-lasting…sounds like you have a wonderful community of writers in Asheville–I’ll be back to check in again!

    • Tom Honea says:

      E …
      thanks for the note. … and it appears that you have developed a devoted following. i certainly intend to check in once a week or so.

      one of my long time friends told me that dispite what Faulkner or Hemingway would have done, in today’s evironment we have to have a “presence, a showing out there.”
      we do have great writer’s groups here … and an inordernate number of successful ( published ) fiction writers in our area. some of them are really neat people !
      stay in touch. tom honea

  4. mollyskiss says:

    What a beautiful picture. Another place to visit on my ever growing list when I finally get back to America. Will you take a run with me?


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