Answers: the Mississippi Writer’s Quiz

 Hello All …

We had 30 folks take a look at, play, our quiz ! … Which of the questions/answeres surprised you?  Check below: see how well you did.

Have a great week.                 Tom Honea

Mississippi Writer Quiz

1.       Which of the following is true about William Faulkner?

… His  1949 Nobel Prize speech was greeted with only polite applause at it’s conclusion as the audience could hardly hear him… later was recognized as one of the great speeches in the history of the award.

… He sent laundry home, bay train, to his mother from to be washed, dried, and ironed and returned to him the next day.

… He was once asked by Clark Gable, “Oh, Mr. Faulkner, do you write?”

… All the above.

2.       Mississippi affiliated Pulitzer Prize winners: What was the winning work  (book)  for each of the following?

          Tennessee Williams        1948           Street Car Named Desire

                                                & 53            Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

          Faulkner                        1963            The Reivers          

          David Haberstam           1964            Viet Nam War reporting 

          Eudora Welty                 1973           The Optimist’s Daughter        

3.       Which Mississippi writer became ( the youngest ever ) editor of Harpers’ Magazine? 

          Willie Morris                                      Lynne Bryant

          Walter Percy                                      James Street

4.       Eudora Welty  had a long term relationship with which crime detective writer:

          Raymond Chandler                           Elmore Leonard

          Ross MacDonald                                Lew Archer

5.       Which  Civil War writer has recently done a novel about the stretch of railroad from Meridian to New Orleans? …  

          Howard Bahr                                     Barry Hannah

          Shelby Foote                                      Timothy Smith

6.       Jill Conner Brown made which of the following famous?

          fried okra                                           Muscatine wine

          milk of magnesia bottle art                sweet potatoes

7.       Which of the following is ( are ) better known for other endeavors than for their writing?

          Jerry Clower                                      Jimmy Buffett

          William Hodding Carter                     All the above

8.       Which of the following were football players for major Mississippi universities?

          Paige Cothren                                    Jerry Clower

          Archie Manning                                All the above

9.       Which of the following is a fellow alumnus of Robin Roberts and a winner of the Rosenthal Foundation Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

          Olympia Vernon                                Greg Iles

          Julie Smith                                       Alice Walker                                                

10      Who was the first   living   author to have   his/her   works published by the Library of America  series?

          William Faulkner                               Eudora Welty

          Shelby Foote                                     David Haberstam


About Tom Honea

the south mississippi i grew up in did not yet have paved roads or telephones or televisions. it did have great story tellers, on front porches in the summer or around the fire place in the winter. we were poverty stricken, financially but not culturally. we didn't know it. everybody up and down the road was in the same boat. . after forty years of day jobs i am approaching my "fishing years." i plan to spend them writing. i have a finished and edited deep south novel in the "marketing" stages. currently i'm deep into a WW II home front piece set in the Hampton Roads, VA area. notes and character sketches are already underway for "From Hiroshima to Elvis" ( the ten years after the war ) on the coastal areas of South Carolina. . visit asheville ... come and see me.
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One Response to Answers: the Mississippi Writer’s Quiz

  1. connie bostic says:

    Don’t know those football players, but I went to the Sweet Potato Queen Parade several years ago – a peek experience!

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