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A Half Broke Book Club

We had our bi-monthly book club last night. A rollicking gathering, for sure. Half-Broke Horses     (Jeannette Walls)   was a  resounding success. Everybody had an opinion.  There the obvious things like: could I be a pioneer? …. am I tough enough?  Most … Continue reading

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Faulkner: Hemingway … and Willie Morris

Somewhere in the recent past I came across a comment saying that, in effect, when we read Faulkner we need a dictionary close at hand. When we read Hemingway, we understand every word.   Faulkner:  A Fable                                                                 “Now turn and … Continue reading

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Three Minute Fiction

In 1952 or ’54, or somewhere in there, USDA Price Supports caused Milk Wars in south Mississippi, and maybe across the south and even the entire US. … Miscreants would block lonely stenches of road with pulp wood  trucks, or … Continue reading

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Sunday Brunch: Commanders Palace

Commanders Palace:  Sunday Brunch Early on in my relationship with Ginny when we made trips to south Mississippi to visit family there nearly always  a trek  to New Orleans involved.  Sunday brunch at Commanders  Palace was a favorite destination.                                                       On a particular Sunday morning the … Continue reading

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