Sometimes You’re The Windshield

We had really good response, both in comments and on FaceBook, from the posting re: Country & Western lyrics … the on-going theme of play-on-words. Thanks. It seems appropriate to pass these on.

Equally as entertaining was the recent flurry of activity on Steve Yarbrough’s FaceBook wall. Steve, from Indianola, is my Mississippi fiction writer friend. We have mentioned his work in earlier postings. It always amazes me, until I stop to think about it, that people I don’t know well are “multi-dimensional”.  In my  mind I see writers as “writing” … They don’t go to ball games or jump-start a stalled car for the lady across the street: or pick guitar. It amused and pleased me to learn that Steve is a better than average “picker” … and connoisseur of classic Country and Western music.

I should have thought as much. Wayne Caldwell, Cataloochee, runs a successful Interior Design business here in Asheville. John Pat McAfee, Slow Walk in a Cold Rain, coached soccer and directed theater here. Beta readers, whom I’ve known for decades, of my own unpublished novel,  A Confluence of Rivers,  remarked on the extent of music from the 1920’s and ’30s that my character Warren Jennings brings to the story.

As a side note, the musical history and detail that newly published novelist Lynne Bryant (Columbus, MS) includes in her novel Catfish Row is informative, believable, and adds to the plot. It made me smile. … Way to go, Lynne.  Another note: Slow Walk is already into the casting phase of movie production. … Way to go, Pat.    

Back to the point.

“John”  asked the question: How could you not include? 

Drop-Kick Me, Jesus,  Through the Goalposts of Life…?  And he is right ! … Or
I Got the World By the Tail An a Downhill Drag…?
I’m My Own Grandpa !…?                                        
 He is right. They are  classics all …

And “Bob” didn’t understand our not including  


Steve threw out the thought, on his FaceBook: My favorite country song titles  and listed:  (I’ve Got the) Emptiest Arms in the World
I Never Go Around Mirrors
Last Night the Bottle Let Me Down
                                 The responses started coming in !!

Hank Sr.’s  Rockin’ Chair Money  … and another Hank song, My Son Calls Another Man Daddy.

and … “David” threw in a couple: Dan Hicks’ How Can I Miss You If You Don’t Go Away They Oughta Name a Drink After You ( John Prine )

Burn One Down For Me       There Stands the Glass         

She’s Heaven on the Eyes, But Hell on the Heart

My friend Tom and I are reconsidering writing  Don’t Put No Plastic Flowers On Mama’s Grave … sending it to Nashville to see what happens. … Or maybe we’ll  just encourage Laurie go finish hers:  I always wanted to write country music, but I’m afraid my themes were a little, uh, inappropriate?   Laurie said,  I Got Her at the Git’n’Go … I Had Her at the Git-it-Quick … Her Wheels Were Hot at Hot Wheels … etc. …  NO STEALING my songs! LOL.

The best, however, was Lynne’s suggestion: 

One of my favorites is Mary Chapin Carpenter’s: “Sometimes You’re the Windshield. Sometimes You’re the Bug.” … Pretty much sums it up.


About Tom Honea

the south mississippi i grew up in did not yet have paved roads or telephones or televisions. it did have great story tellers, on front porches in the summer or around the fire place in the winter. we were poverty stricken, financially but not culturally. we didn't know it. everybody up and down the road was in the same boat. . after forty years of day jobs i am approaching my "fishing years." i plan to spend them writing. i have a finished and edited deep south novel in the "marketing" stages. currently i'm deep into a WW II home front piece set in the Hampton Roads, VA area. notes and character sketches are already underway for "From Hiroshima to Elvis" ( the ten years after the war ) on the coastal areas of South Carolina. . visit asheville ... come and see me.
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