Tom Honea:  A reading at Malaprop’s,  Asheville, NC

This is a new WP Page.

I have found in the process of looking for an agent to work with that many of them want a web-site or blog that they can visit.    

 How the world is changing? What in heaven’s name did Faulkner and Hemingway ever do?! … How did they manage without a blog?

As I learn a bit about this blogging business, I’ll  get more information up here. … hopefully, some of it interesting. 

            TEH            Asheville, NC                 7 April 2010



7 Responses to About

  1. Steve Price says:

    Not only do you need a web site or blog, you gotta “Tweet” several times a day. Faulkner and Hemingway would have been too busy thinking to do this.

    • Tom Honea says:

      Steve …
      hope you are still checking in from time to time.
      hope things are going well on the left-coast. i’m hoping to quite working full time “this year.” … concentrate on writing.

  2. tomhonea says:

    have been doing some editing for my long time friend, J C Simmons.
    we played little league, high school football together … all those kinds of things in south mississippi.
    J C has a series of books action hero / flying stuff. Jay Leicester is his character / hero. good stuff.
    it is fun to get away from my own writing and really get into somebody else’s.

  3. Kitchen Cousin says:

    My, my, I am impressed, Tom! A very interesting blog indeed! I shall keep up with it.

  4. Gladys Oakley Slappey says:

    Somehow I lost connection with you on facebook. Yes, I would enjoy reading your book.
    I am glad you are writing. Dreamers should always write!
    Birthdays were celebrated in NY. Gordon and I are both March birthdays as are you.
    I have decided that if anyone has the nerve to ask my age, I will simply say that I turned 63 seven years ago.Hope you had a good bday.
    I will try facebook again but maybe emails are better due to my slow computer skills. Son Jon had a roommate that finally has been published. First book was The Gray Man.
    I really liked it. Hollywood has bought rights to it. Take care and let me hear from you.

  5. Charlie Rosenfelder says:


    First time to visit your blog. I am impressed!

    Will keep up on it in the future.


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